Private jet crashes into building

Updated: February 20, 2010

A man crashed a private jet into a seven-story building in Texas yesterday.

The pilot killed himself in the crash, injuring at least two other people, according to the local police.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is now examining what would lead Joseph Stack to perform a suicidal attack.

The plane was identified by the Federal Aviation Administration as a single-engine Piper Cherokee, which came from an airport in Georgetown. The plane was allowed to fly without having to contact air controllers.

The building hit housed offices for the FBI and CIA; however, there is not enough evidence to prove that it was a targeted attack.

Officials from the US Department of Homeland Security called it a deliberate criminal act.

Rumors suggest that Stack had an ongoing feud with the IRS, which was also one of the affected offices in the Austin-based building.

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