Akron Canton Airport experiences flight delay due to private jet landing accident

Updated: February 18, 2010

Four flights were delayed at Akron-Canton Airport last Tuesday due to an airport accident involving a private Learjet plane.

The private jet was landing from Canada, but was unable to come to a normal stop and its nose went into a snow pile at the end of the runway.

There were no injuries during the plane crash, said Kristie Van Auken, a spokeswoman for the airport. Airport workers used shovels to dig up the plane out of the snow. The runway was closed for about 20 minutes. The private jet was taken to a hangar that was operated by Ultimate Air Center.

Due to the snowy weather conditions, the airports were only operating two runways.

Van Auken said that there are still no details about why the private jet could not fulfill its normal landing procedures. No further information about the plane, its pilot, and its owner were released.

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