Air Charter Service reports more private jet bookings for July

Updated: August 14, 2013

Air Charter Service, a leading aircraft company, has reported record booking for its private jet division for the month of July.

“We booked more than 800 flights in July meaning that, on average, an ACS private jet flight departed every 55 minutes throughout the entirety of the month,” said Ruan Courtney, the company’s director for its executive jets. “The summer period is traditionally the busiest time for private jet charters, as our regular corporate business is boosted by leisure travel.”

Courtney also said that the company’s clients are changing their buying behavior—booking smaller aircraft at a regular basis.

In addition to that, Air Charter Service’s hourly jet cards are getting new patrons. Courtney explains: “People are looking for flexibility and value when chartering and we feel that the Lindbergh Card offers just that. It seems as though our customers agree, as card sales have far exceeded our projections.”

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