Travel to Ibiza via private jet!

Updated: July 31, 2013

This summer, Ibiza will be hosting countless music festivals. Thousands of travelers will be flocking to the island, resulting in long queues at the airport, which can stress out a vacation trip that’s supposed to be for rest and relaxation. Fortunately, Lux-Jet—the private jet share company—can offer you a better travel option.

For an affordable price, the London-based company can take you to Ibiza in VIP-style via a private jet. Plus, you don’t have to suffer long lines to board!

Every summer, Ibiza receives more and more travelers. This will put more pressure on the airport, which will likely cause delays and longer queues. And that’s just not what a holiday is supposed to be made of!

“Holiday makers travelling to the Ibiza music scene during the summer months are looking for a relaxing holiday from start to finish,” says Scott Nicholas, Managing Director of Lux-Jet. “My aim is to create a business which provides VIP treatment to the passengers from the very moment they arrive at the airport. They will not just get to see rock stars perform on their holiday they will be treated like one as well.”

Lux-Jet’s prices are comparable to booking business-class flights for commercial airlines. But traveling via private jet is far more luxurious!

Apart from the relaxing in-flight atmosphere, Lux-Jet passengers can also enhoy access to VIP loungers in the airport. Additionally, they are taken to the luxury jet via VIP transport.

Source: PRWeb

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