Visit Mallorca in style: Lux-Jet Announces Private Jet Seats to Palma for £800

Updated: July 30, 2013

With upwards of 10 million people arriving at Palma de Mallorca each year, there’s certainly a market for getting them there in style. Lux Jet recent announced their new private jet bookings to Mallorca, starting from only £800.

[PRWeb press release] — With the largest island in Spain offering pristine beaches, majestic scenery, idyllic villages and some of the best clubs and bars found across Europe, it’s no surprise that visitors to Palma are on the increase. New private jet share provider Lux-Jet is selling seats on its private Jet from Luton to Mallorca’s capital Palma for £800. Travelling in style like a true VIP to the jewel of the Mediterranean is no longer reserved for the rich and famous.

The Balearic island of Mallorca has been attracting holiday makers from the UK for decades. Its stunning natural beauty combined with the recent investment over the years by the Spanish government in upgrading its hotel amenities and the island’s infrastructure has created a luxurious destination that is now firmly on the radar of travellers seeking a special holiday experience.

The island offers a few distinct personalities. The hot spot resort of Magaluf for example is loud, lively and vibrant attracting party goers and pleasure seekers in their droves. The more relaxed coastal towns with their golden sand and blue flag beaches have long attracted families with their child friendly resorts and restaurants. The capital Palma de Mallorca with its designer fashion stores, charming cobblestone shopping streets, stylish restaurants and spectacular marina unsurprisingly attracts the wealthy and celebrity jet-set all year round.

Scott Nicholas, founder of the Lux-Jet business, talks about his passion for opening up alternative ways to fly to Mallorca. “With upwards of 10 million people arriving to Palma each year, it was a logical decision to start offering travellers the chance to visit Mallorca via private jet, but at truly affordable prices. My business aims to make travelling by private jet as accessible as business class seats. We offer convenient flight times, VIP service at both arrival and departure points and the opportunity to meet and fly with like-minded people. You just don’t know who you might meet on a Lux-Jet flight to Palma!”

Private Jet share businesses like Lux-Jet are dispelling the notion that travelling by private jet is only reserved for rich and famous people. With private jet seats priced at just £800 one way, travellers can enjoy a luxury VIP service to Palma with flights at convenient times weekly for the perfect weekend break or a longer holiday.

Many holiday makers are now factoring in the costs and expense associated with travelling to and from airports, time wasted in queues and flight delays and are choosing to pay a premium to travel in style and hassle free. The pleasure of flying by private jet to a holiday destination enhances the entire holiday experience from start to finish and with prices not far off commercial business class seats, many travellers are turning to private jet share as an affordable, alternative way to fly.

With flights listed well in advance and an easy no frills online booking system, that dream honeymoon or trip of a lifetime to the stunning Spanish island of Mallorca is only a few clicks away. Visit Lux-Jet at or Facebook to read more about the Lux-Jet experience.

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