Ken Bates terminated due to private jet travel arrangement

Updated: July 30, 2013

On Sunday, Ken Bates revealed that he was fired as president of Championship club Leeds due to a disagreement regarding a private jet.

Bates acquired Leeds in 2005 and remained on board after selling the team to Gulf Finance House last year.

Bates travels via private jet between Monaco and Leeds before matches—something he has been doing for the past eight years. He claims that the travel arrangement is stipulated in his contract and GFH was aware of it.

“If you look at the contract which they drew up I have been doing that mode of transport for the last eight years and they included it in the contract, so there’s nothing new there, I don’t have to justify it,” Bates said in a related interview.

Still, he recently received a letter of dismissal while holidaying in Italy.

“Basically I had a chance of renewing that travel expense contract at a price that is cheaper than existing and at the same time, more importantly, it was in sterling and protects Leeds’ (accounts) because all gas is bought in dollars,” explained Bates. “So, I checked with a solicitor and he confirmed that a director had the authority to commit a club or a company in which he was a director.”

However, Bates received a letter stating that he breached the agreement. Following that letter, he received a letter of termination.


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