Private Jet Charter Company ElJet Announces Stunning 48% Year Over Year Growth in New Client Acquisitions

Updated: July 9, 2013
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ElJet, the nation’s leading and fastest growing private jet charter company, announced a 48% year over year growth rate in new client acquisitions.

[PRWeb press release] — ElJet, the nation’s leading and fastest growing private jet charter company, announced a 48% year over year growth rate in new client acquisitions, accomplished by identifying five key components of providing better service to its clients.

Richard Oberndorf, a senior ElJet executive with over 30 years of experience in the Aerospace community – including time spent in the US Air Force and with Goodrich Aerospace – explained the reason for this successful result. “We took a top-down view, surveying our customers about their general experiences within the jet charter industry. We learned quite a bit, with the outcome leading to what we feel is an even better customer experience achieved through focusing and improving on five key elements: the Booking Process, Training, Experience, Mechanicals, and Post Flight Billing.”

Booking Process – ElJet has simplified and revolutionized the jet charter booking process introducing “DocuSign” contracts into the jet industry as standard ElJet operating procedure. ElJet has streamlined the private jet booking process with the introduction of ElJet’s secure proprietary Salesforce platform, providing ElJet clients with the most accurate information faster than any competitor, and simplifying the booking process for our clients. ElJet clients are now able to sign quickly and from anywhere with a click of a button from their mobile device. Last minute changes are no longer a pain, requiring printers, fax machines and weekend trips to the office. ElJet has recreated the booking process to make it even more convenient and accessible to our clients.

Training – The best way to be prepared is to be trained properly. At ElJet, it is important that our sales team is the best trained to provide you with a luxurious and enjoyable travel experience. Every member of ElJet’s sales team is required to attend an in-depth customer service training course in addition to applying ElJet’s rigorous training standards that have been formalized and undergo regular evaluation. Should any unexpected event occur, including mechanicals, weather changes, or other unforeseen circumstances, ElJet has established a backup plan to prevent any possible delays that may arise in your travel.

Experience – ElJet Representatives are among the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry, with over 40 years of experience in the commercial and military aviation communities. The ElJet team consists of a group of skilled, leading professionals standing by to arrange and assist in every aspect of each flight. Every team member is fully briefed on every flight and is ready to step in at any time during a flight in the event any additional request or change is required. It is ElJet’s years of experience that allow us to best accommodate our clients at a satisfaction level that is consistently higher than our competitors.

Mechanicals –Within our industry survey, respondents unanimously voiced that they find the most frustrating part of charter flights is when a mechanical issue occurs. With other jet charter providers, clients find themselves uncertain of their flight’s availability and often face additional charges. ElJet, however, implements rigorous standards to ensure ElJet clients do not share this experience. “We have a low incidence of mechanicals because ElJet only offers flights from top rated operators utilizing top rated aircraft,” said Levi Lieder, ElJet COO. “Each operator we use must provide a mechanical backup plan. This has shown to reduce mechanical issues and in the rare event of a mechanical issue we quickly implement our backup plan so no delay is incurred by an ElJet client.”

Post Flight Billing – Often clients find themselves in piles of paperwork. They find the entire payment and billing process of pre-paid wires, separate incidental billing, last minute bookings and other invoices to be quite tedious and cumbersome. In order to better serve our clients, ElJet now offers our clients the option of receiving a simple, easy-to-read invoice with all aircraft, flight and incidental charges spelled out in one simple, non-confusing bill. No longer are hours wasted on sorting through bills, but rather enjoying the travel experience from start to finish.

ElJet Presidents’ Club – ElJet has officially launched the exclusive ElJet Presidents’ Club. Membership to ElJet Presidents’ Club is available to existing clients who qualify, or via ElJet invitation. As we continue to grow, we pride ourselves on being able to continually provide the customer service clients expect and deserve. “Although we are growing rapidly, we consider ourselves to be a boutique firm,” said Ben Schusterman, ElJet CEO. “We established the ElJet Presidents’ Club for the busiest of travelers – typically those that fly more than 100 hours per year. While the benefits of the ElJet Presidents’ Club are publicized only to members, some key elements include a no-cost mechanical guarantee, free upgrades, net terms, complimentary limo and catering and many more benefits.”

ElJet is one of the most competitive jet charter companies in the marketplace providing unparalleled value to its clients to ensure that each flight is a world class travel experience.

To find out more about ElJet’s services, please contact ElJet at 888-355-3538 or e-mail ElJet at

About ElJet

ElJet is the nations leading Private Jet Charter company specializing in private jet charter flights and empty leg flights throughout the US. ElJet is an Inc. 500 winner for two years in a row. ElJet is the nation’s leading jet charter broker company and has capabilities throughout the US, Asia, Europe and South America. ElJet attributes it’s success to focusing on keeping prices reasonable and customers satisfied.

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