What’s next for the private jet industry?

Updated: July 3, 2013

For the past years, the private jet industry has been like a pendulum—swinging from peaks to pitfalls depending on the condition of the economy. Despite all the challenges, the industry has managed to survive.

While the private jet is often symbolized as an object of excess, people in the industry strongly disagree with this inclination. Moreover, they believe that a strong private jet industry is extremely beneficial to the economy.

“We need to remind people we are a strong industry,” said Jordan Hansell, CEO of NetJets. “We employ 1.2 million people in the U.S. and contribute $150 billion to the economy. We are one of the few industries with a trade surplus. We create very high paying jobs—pilots, dispatchers, maintenance, and manufacturing. Business aviation makes an economic contribution in all 50 states.”

As the next chapter of the industry unveils, it’s still somewhat unpredictable. Still, in a recent article from Forbes, experts identified emerging trends in the industry. In brief, here are some of them:

•    The demand for larger model jets is on the rise
•    More emphasis on private jet security
•    Interior customization options
•    Development of environmental efficiency of new models
•    Customized in-flight interior options
•    Catering for meals while in-flight
•    Low-end options are becoming more and more available

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