China set to be the biggest private jet market in the world

Updated: January 8, 2013

Experts and insiders agree: China is set to replace the United States as the biggest private jet market in the world.

According to the latest count from Economic Information Daily, the private jet industry has around 150,000 potential customers in the Asian giant. And its government has begun taking the necessary steps to open the door to private aircraft companies.

China’s national air-traffic authority has confirmed that it will loosen rules on use of low-altitude airspace across its 3,696,100-square-mile frontier. Experts predict that this will be followed by the implementation of fewer restrictions for private jet purchases and ownership.

In addition to the government-initiated movements, the country’s private sector is also set to respond well to the arrival of private jets. China’s rich and wealthy view the private jet as a must-have status symbol.


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