XOJet steals NetJets’ top sales executive

Updated: October 9, 2012

New York is about to become a battlefield for private jet companies.

According to a report from New York Post, XOJet—a new company—has stolen NetJets’ top sales executive for the big apple; and he might be taking his former clients with him.

Greg Slow used to be NetJets’ point person in New York, but he will now become the head of national accounts and chief of client acquisitions for XOJet. The formal announcement is slated in the upcoming weeks.

XOJet has recorded rapid growth since its creation six years ago. It currently owns 52 private jets, including Bombardier Challengers, Citations, and Hawkers. The company employs a different approach compared to NetJets.

NetJets sells fractionally owned jets, while XOJet leases time for its private jets.

Source: New York Post

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