TSA cancels security upgrade for private jets

Updated: February 12, 2010

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is canceling its plans to impose tighter security restriction for private jets in small airports.

In 2008, TSA said that security for commercial flights improved, which forced terrorists

to target private planes. The regulator then proposed tighter restrictions for general aviations.

If the TSA proposal had continued, it would have required around 300 airports to upgrade their security programs, which would have been costly.

However, upon hearing the proposed rules, the general aviation industry sent several complaints. Pilots and operators claimed that the risk for terrorism in private jet flights was very small. They added, private pilots said that the staff is always cautious of who boards the planes.

“We’re going to be 10 times more successful in partnership than … being combative back and forth to each other,” commented Brian Delauter, general aviation manager of TSA.

Delauter said that the security responsibilities will be passed on to the private jets.

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