The Queen cancels Private Jet purchase

Updated: March 30, 2009

The Queen has cancelled plans to purchase a £7million luxury jet as the recession continues to unfold.

The Royal Family had been due last month to welcome their first private jet. However, the plans have been cancelled. The Family will continue to travel on RAF planes to prevent the taxpayers from paying for the 12-seat aircraft.

Armed Forces Minister Bob Ainsworth announced the cancellation a couple of days ago. He said: “Work has been carried out to explore solutions for non-scheduled and dedicated flights to support the Queen and members of the Royal Family in their official duties.

Pending the finalisation of this work the MoD has agreed that 32 (The Royal) Squadron will provide continued support to the Royal Family until April 1, 2010.” 

Government sources claim that the move was made partly because of the credit crunch.

It is the second time the Queen has missed out on buying her own private jet.

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