Middle East Jet Purchase Paves Way For Emerging Market

Updated: June 19, 2007

ExecuJet Middle East and Prestige Jet has confirmed a deal for the
purchase of new SPn light jets from Grob Aerospace for 10 million
Euros, with the expected delivery to take place in January and
November of 2009.  Making Prestige Jet the first Middle East client
for the SPn.

Niall Oliver, CEO of ExecuJet Aviation Group said that this deal
represented an emerging market in the Middle East with an increased demand for executive jets in the region.  Caused in part, by a high level of economic growth in the Middle East.

Prestige Jet managing director Faris Deeb said, "More and more people in the Middle East are recognizing the advantages afforded by executive charter flights, and that this mode of transport is not
just the exclusive domain of high net worth individuals.”

"In today’s increasingly global environment, businessmen and often
government leaders are demanding faster and more reliable modes of transport and many are using private charter jets to fulfill these
needs [even] large corporations are increasingly recognizing the
commercial advantages private jet travel brings – not the least of
which is being free to fly when you want, where you want, without
delays or connection hassles."

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