First ERJ 145 Jet Delivered To Nigeria By Embraer

Updated: June 4, 2007

The first ERJ 145 jet has been delivered by Embraer to the government of the state of Bauchi, Nigeria. A purchase option for another identical aircraft was signed in September 2006.

Luiz Carlos Aguiar, Embraer’s Executive Vice President said,
“We are proud to deliver this first aircraft, marking the introduction of the ERJ 145 in Nigeria. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy their government with our product.”

Embraer is the world’s largest manufacture of commercial jets that can hold up to 120 passengers. They are also one of Brazils leading exporters. They were founded in 1969. The company builds the jet from the ground up and they are sold all over the world.

Embraer has 21,005 employees  and  US$ 15.0 billion worth of orders waiting to be filled.

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