Fed Up With Tax Aircraft Company Threatens To Fly Away

Updated: May 2, 2007

Avantair, a mid sized aviation firm located in Clearwater Florida, has threatened an imminent move to North Carolina, unless legislators provide him with the same tax breaks afforded other smaller aircraft companies.

The business, which sells aviation time shares to Floridian customers, says that the state will be the big loser if they are forced to move, and take all of their high paying jobs with them. The firm currently employs 153 people and pays an average wage of $52 600.

Analysts have reported that the state stands to lose millions of dollars in revenues if the firm leaves.

Florida Senate President Ken Pruitt said that he hadn’t seen the letter sent from the aviation firm, but doubted that the tax breaks requested by the firm would get passed any time soon. Pruitt further explained, “only two tax exemptions are making their way through the process this year: school supplies and hurricane supplies.”

Avantair is an aircraft time share company that sells packages of 50 to 500 hours of flying time to wealthy individuals and companies, who are all hoping to avoid the inconveniences of commercial air travel.

The company said that they had originally chosen Florida due to the large unemployed labor force with aviation experience, and that the company was still receiving 100’s of resumes a week from hopeful Floridians. Company President Steve Santo said that they didn’t know that the tax breaks granted to other similar, but smaller aviation companies, wouldn’t apply to them, and said they never would have come here if they had known

He says that the tax break could be worth up to a million dollars a year, and said that unless legislation was changed pretty quickly that they would be relocating.

About Avantair

Avantair is the largest stand alone time share aircraft company in the US, and The fifth largest fractional aircraft company in the nation. The company is headquartered in Clearwater Florida and currently boasts a fleet of 32 planes with an additional 5 on order, and 20 more on a future delivery schedule. The company operates in 5 states and employs 270 employees. The company offers private travel solutions at a much lower price than private aircraft ownership.

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